Sunday, July 31, 2011

Every Home Needs a First Aid Kit

Last week I found myself shivering with a 102 fever, a healthy and energetic three year old to mind and a husband out of town on business. Not my happiest hour, and when I put some cold chicken, half-frozen broccoli and a slab of butter on my toddler's plate for dinner at 6pm I knew I had to call on my family for some emergency help. My sister came, made me tea and rescheduled my next day's clients. She also brought me two extra-strength acetaminophen tablets which by 10pm's fit of headachey insomnia had still done nothing to bring my fever down. I wish I had remembered sooner that I have my trusty Urgent Care Kit of 18 different homeopathic remedies for everything from fever to bee stings to food poisoning. I took the recommended dose of Belladonna and by 9am I was still feeling off but was able to walk my kiddo a mile to preschool. Another dose before napping all morning and by 2pm it was as if I had never been sick.

Homeopathy is a fascinating system of medicine that has no side effects and can easily be incorporated into anyone's wellness lifestyle. I'm by no means a trained homeopath but I have successfully used its remedies to treat or support recovery of everything from my own eczema to my son's croup. To learn about this fascinating and safe system of medicine, this web site is a good place to start.

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