Friday, May 11, 2007

Who Gives the Mechanic's Car a Tune-up?

One of the wonderful things about doing the kind of work we body therapists do is that we can live fully in our bodies. No being stuck in cubicles all day for us. On the other hand, there are potential downsides, namely: the kind of wear and tear that comes from constantly using our bodies as our instruments and our tools. As bodyworkers, if we don't take good care of ourselves we can quickly run the risk of becoming like mechanics whose cars have broken down.

I've been a practicing body therapist for the better part of a decade, and before that I was a PR and marketing writer, driven by insane deadlines and spending the same 50+ hours a week in an office chair that many of my clients do. These occupational hazards, along with mild scoliosis and the strains of beginning distance running could take a serious physical toll. But being a holistically-minded sort who has never been one to swallow unnecessary pills or unhealthy ideas, I have honed a great plan of action to deal with stress and pain over the years. It involves healthy amounts of movement, a balance between time spent in the studio and time spent with friends and family, a yummy diet based in whole and local foods, a bit of wine, a bit of chocolate, and frequent visits to other holistic professionals.

These are the things that keep me sane and feeling great. I love sharing my recommendations and resources with you, especially of the practitioners I visit who keep my body aligned and pain-free.

Why "Apotheca?"

Before the modern-day pharmacy, with its impersonal fluorescent feel and its synthetic, chemical-laden products for “health” and beauty, there was the apothecary. Unlike the chi chi spa, the commercial skin care counter, or the anonymous, sterile drug store now on virtually every corner of every town and city in America, the local apothecary was the place you would go for personal attention. You could select natural herbal remedies, shop for exotic teas from far-off lands, and choose beauty preparations that were derived from natural plant and mineral sources and individually selected or combined just for you. It was also the place to go for expert services and sensible advice from well-trained professionals who were not just employees but also active members of the community.

With the spirit of the old-time apothecary in mind, we have created Apotheca Skin ~ Body ~ Wellness. Our vision was to dedicate our simple one-room office in an historic downtown building as a friendly sanctuary where you can honor yourself and that slow-paced past. We offer personalized massage and skin care therapies, and bath and body products for the whole person. Think of us like slow food for the body mind and spirit. Or the antidote to the assembly-line spa, the opposite of the mass-market skin care kiosk.

We don’t offer a mass-produced, synthetic, or impersonal fix. We provide one-on-one hand-crafted and personalized custom therapies and products made to ease your body’s tensions, improve your skin’s condition, and give you what your spirit really needs to relax and unwind.

Apotheca Skin Body Wellness proudly offers you our unique blend of bodywork techniques to help get results for your chronic tension and pain, and custom aromatherapy and flower essence work to bring balance to your hectic life. Now we are thrilled to offer holistic skin care therapies to address your skin’s total wellness: to treat acne and rosacea conditions, create custom anti-aging strategies, and maintain your skin’s fitness with a foundation in total health and balance. And like the apothecary of old, we also stock a unique, hand-picked selection of products for skin, body and home. We offer environmentally-friendly products made from natural and organic ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and synthetic additives, to let your nurture your spirit and let your natural radiance shine through.

You’re already beautiful. We want to help you really get your glow on.