Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Be Your Own Apothecary: Rosemary and Tea Tree Foot Bath

This one is fabulous for you marathoners, hikers, and anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. Use cool water for a refreshing feeling on a hot summer day. Or, for this crazy Winter in July we are getting this week in San Francisco, use very warm water to gently heat your feet and leave the whole body feeling bundled up and cozy.

Fresh rosemary is easy to find at your local grocery store and even at your local park. Take just a little sprig and you won't harm this very resilient plant. Rosemary has tonifying properties for the whole body. It is warming and analgesic (pain-killing), and revives the body and mind. Tea tree can't be beat for its antibacterial properties and helps deodorize tired feet like nothing else.

Are you ready for your foot bath? Here's how to do it:

  • Put a sprig of fresh rosemary, broken into small pieces, into a large bowl, dishpan, or basin of water
  • Add boiling water to draw out the good oils from the plant
  • Let cool enough to comfortably touch.
  • For a warm soak, just add 6-10 drops of Tea Tree essential oil and submerge your feet.
  • If you prefer a cold soak, wait until your water has cooled and add ice before adding the Tea Tree oil.
  • Soak your feet until they are nice and pink. Dry off and follow with a good moisturizer like 302 Skincare Body Treatment Intensive, which we love and sell at our office.

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ij said...

i did this last week ... amazing. thanks for the tips!