Monday, September 10, 2012

Self Care: Ayurveda

One of the best parts of my job is that it demands that I experiment with my own health and wellness. For the past two months I have been working with the very excellent Ayurvedic practitioner, Malcolm McQuirter, on caffeine and sugar addiction, and calming a restless entrepreneurial Vata-Pitta mind.
 Malcolm shares our office space and our work together has been incredibly useful so far.

I appreciate Malcolm's friendly and approachable style. I like that he is compassionate and non-judgmental, and that he breaks down complicated eons-old concepts into simple steps I can work into a modern life that doesn't always allow hours of time for self-care. He is open to what I eat (a combination of Primal Blueprint and Nourishing Traditions, with the odd scone here and there. Working on sugar addiction, remember?). He is helping me incorporate the things I love with the things Ayurveda can bring to the table to improve my health. (My favorite tip so far? Add a bit of cardamom spice to my coffee in the morning. It neutralizes some of the jittery effect of the caffeine and tastes like the Swedish coffee cakes my grandma use to make.)

I am gearing up to kick off a month-long kicharee cleanse with him next week. If my skin has a period of looking funky or my energy without my trusty morning cup of Joe is different the next time I see you, you'll know why. See you on the other side!

Interview with Malcolm McQuirter, Samana Ayurveda

Kirsten: Who do you like to work with? or, What kinds of people do you find yourself working with, and what issues do you tend to work through with people?

Malcolm: I like to work with all sorts of people. I tend to work with urban professionals who suffer from stress related illnesses in one form or another. The key factor in any form of medicine Eastern or Western is getting people to take care of themselves. Without that component, there won't be much progress in improving any health condition. 

Kirsten: What do you love about your work?

Malcolm: When a patient actually rounds a corner on their condition.

Kirsten: What is a typical session with you like?

Malcolm: A typical session involves checking in on how a patient is doing with recommended changes and looking for creative solutions when resistance or difficulties arise. This can take many forms depending on the particular needs on the patient. 

Kirsten: Any rate or package information you want people to know?

Malcolm: I am running a special: $250 for 5 sessions: Initial Consultation to review medical history. Report of findings to provide insight into your unique Body/Mind Type & Optimal Lifestyle Program. Three Follow Up sessions to help get started making impactful lifestyle changes.

Kirsten: Your one takeaway tip for health and wellness?

Malcolm: Its not what you do every once in awhile that determines your level of wellness but your habits. 
 Malcolm is an Ayurvedic Health Educator and Meditation Teacher  living in San Francisco, California. He has spent the last 15 years studying and practicing the best of Eastern and Western meditation techniques to better understand the Mind's role in healing.  His introduction to Ayurveda began by seeking relief from chronic insomnia that eluded Western Medicine. In addition to finding relief to his sleep disturbance, Malcolm discovered a profound worldview that integrated all areas of life. His practice emphasizes preventative medicine through diet and lifestyle, healing through exploration of the mind body connection and stress management to cultivate a powerful sense of well being. He has been a guest speaker and Ayurvedic consultant for Gaya Yoga CPH and KPH Yoga in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is available for Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations and personalized meditation instruction. 

Appointments and information are available here.

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