Sunday, July 1, 2012

On Skin Reactivity

On Thursday I got a facial treatment from a woman who works in the town where I live. She does great work and I always love my sessions with her. Most days I leave with my skin looking fantastic. But around every fifth session or so, I have some weird reaction. Sometimes it's acne, sometimes a rash, and one time it was itchy, swollen skin that lasted for over a week and resolved into acne breakouts!

We have tried every combination of products, from her entire suite of things to her very patiently putting up with me bringing my own. She is incredibly talented and skilled and she has worked at some of the best spas in the world. (If she weren't so attached to being self-employed I would want to hire her myself.)  Anyway, last week's session was one of the weird ones. I can tell you I am literally broken out from forehead to chest all this weekend. You might imagine what a liability this is when my face is my billboard for my practice. But I don't blame Valerie in the slightest.

Your skin may or may not be as testy and sensitive and weird as mine, but if you do experience sensitivity challenges I want to throw out the possibility that you may have unexpected reactions sometimes, even if you continue using the same products as a session from which you walked out looking fabulous just last month.

While an adverse reaction can sometimes stem from something like allergy or improper product removal, there are also those times that a combination of other factors (such as stress, diet, hormones, weather) will result in reactivity.

I will write further in a future post about things we can do to avoid this, and what we can do to minimize the effects and duration if sensitivity does occur, but for now I wanted to post while it was on my mind.

And now I am off to apply more 302 Remedy Rx. Miracle product and I love it.

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