Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Detox Not Botox Redux

Spring is here and that can only mean one thing: Apotheca's annual Detox Not Botox EVENT. (Okay, it's more of a series than an event but EVENT-all-caps has a certain advertising-lingo grandiosity, hasn't it?)

This is our third year of offering the package, and through the previous two we have talked to countless clients who report their skin, weight, and energy levels have improved until long after the program is over.

Here's what Detox Not Botox at Apotheca ISN'T:
  • It is not a cleanse or a fast of any kind
  • It is not a crazy diet or prescribed eating plan of any kind
  • It is not something that involves chemicals, fillers, or anything bad for you

Apotheca's Detox Not Botox is a hand-picked series of good for you treatments to lower stress, smooth your skin, get you into a regular movement practice, and just take care of you. In this reset button for springtime wellness you get:

  • One 60-minute detox facial treatment with lymphatic drainage facial massage

  • One 45-minute skincare for the back treatment with our amazing Swamp Dust detox mask, featuring Pacific coast seaweed, French green clay and an amazing blend of essential oils sure to banish back acne and get your skin glowing for Spring.

  • One 70 -minute massage for stress relief or Integrated/ deep tissue massage with full-body dry brushing

  • Two private yoga sessions

  • Our own delicious herbal tisane, custom-blended for the season and made from the highest quality organic nutritive herbs, for you to take home. 

To reap the full benefits of the program and to get a jump on your springtime wellness routine it is recommended that you complete your series within three weeks of beginning.

Regular price: $470. Package price: $423. Buy this package before March 15th for the reduced rate of $399!

Go to our secure booking page and select Detox Not Botox from the package drop down menu. 

For those of you who are doing your own springtime dietary reset, why don't you come over to Apotheca's brand-new sister blog Slow Kitchen: The Home Cooking Project to read all about Kirsten's crazy food-obsessed past, follow her adventures in radical dining in, get delicious whole food recipes, and share what you're eating and how you're feeling. There will be a really great giveaway on the Slow Kitchen blog next week, so be sure to join it today and stay tuned.

 Happy Spring!

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