Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Has Sprung! It's Time to Detox, Not Botox!

Spring has sprung and we couldn't be more glad! Now that Winter has gone and the urge to shore up and be cozy has given way to longer days we are packing up our bulky sweaters and heading outside. In Ayurveda (the ancient system of Indian diet and healing) as well as in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is a season of new beginnings.
Just as we do a thorough Spring Cleaning in our homes (out with the old and in with the fresh, clean, new!) so should we assist our skin and bodies with detoxification and releasing what isn't needed anymore.

For many of us, all those months of cold weather have led to a stagnant way of being- perhaps we are holding a bit more weight than we'd like. Maybe our skin is breaking out, or bumpy, red and itchy. These are all signs of inflammation, aggravated by artificial heating and cooling and a diet too high in sugars simple carbs. (Bad news, party people. Alcohol = sugar to your body.)

We all know how detoxifying skincare can help get you clear, soft skin. But did you know that massage can actually help you lose weight? Reduced stress means a reduced cortisol levels. Excess Cortisol, the stress hormone, has a direct relationship to excess belly fat. And we know conclusively that massage therapy reduces stress. So it seems that stress-reducing bodywork can help you achieve your weight loss goals.
Besides that, taking care or yourself in a nurturing way can make the difference between a grab-and-go lifestyle (that leads to too much snacking, poor food choices, and not enough sleep-- also linked to excess weight) and really slowing down, living our goals and taking good care of ourselves.

Yoga is also an excellent aid to detoxifying the skin and body since it (like massage) helps circulation and lymphatic movement. Yoga can't be beat for stress relief, and is also good for the sort of mental "spring cleaning" that comes from mindful movement and, again, slowing down to breathe.
All that sounds better than a horrid week breaking your metabolism by doing the dangerous, starvation-inducing
Master Cleanse, doesn't it?

Kick-start your Spring get-healthy program with our seasonal Detox Not Botox package. What you get:

  • One 60-minute detox facial treatment with lymphatic drainage facial massage

  • One 45-minute skincare for the back treatment with our amazing new detox mask, le Swamp Thang, featuring Pacific coast seaweed, French green clay and an amazing blend of essential oils sure to banish back acne and get your skin glowing for Spring.

  • One 70 -minute massage for stress relief or Integrated/ deep tissue massage with full-body dry brushing

  • Two private yoga sessions

  • Our own delicious herbal tisane, custom-blended for the season and made from the highest quality organic nutritive herbs, for you to take home.

Regular price: $470. Package price: $423. Buy this package before April 30th for the reduced rate of $399!

Go to our secure booking page and select Detox Not Botox from the package drop down menu. Happy Spring!

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