Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Scary Halloween Story with a Sweet Ending

Scary? Well, maybe not. But who likes to move house? Or offices, for that matter. But that was what we did for Halloween. And while we didn't dig up any ghosts of Halloweens past, there was a lot of heavy lifting to be done when we could have been eating Sugar Babies in a fabulous costume somewhere.

The good news is, we are up and running in our cute new digs on the 6th floor of the Hobart Building. Still at 582 Market Street, now in Suites 612 and 613. For now, skincare and acupuncture appointments will be in Suite 612 and massage sessions will be in Suite 613.

Our sweet little outpost in Hayes Valley is no more.

We're open for business beginning November 2 and we're planning our real Grand Opening for later in the Fall.

Stay tuned for more.

Happy Autumn!

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