Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kiva is Popular!

I logged onto last week to do some lending. I got a notice that loan contributions were being capped at $25 per person. It seems the site has become so popular that Kiva wants to be certain that everyone who logs on gets a chance to participate.

Exciting! Apparently the site was featured on Oprah's show and in Bill Clinton's new book, and pretty much all over. So they're experiencing huge traffic and tons of people wanting to make loans to entrepreneurs all over the world.

Today I logged on again. I made loans to a man in desperate need of home repairs in Mexico, and to a woman who sells fish on the Ivory Coast. I went to make a third loan and I got the following message:

Due to the overwhelming response to recent Kiva press coverage, we will soon run out of businesses on our website. We are limiting everyone to one $25 loan today so that as many people as possible can try Kiva. We thank you for your understanding and for making a single $25 loan today.

Wow! this is a truly thrilling message to get from an organization that perhaps the best use of the Internet to ever be invented. If you have any inclination to try for yourself, now is a great time to do it. The financial commitment is low and the rewards are high. But watch out: you may find microlending becomes addictive.

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