Wednesday, November 21, 2007

in other news. . .

1. Apotheca's holiday schedule: Sari will be taking off December 26th. Eri will be away from December 17 to January 22. Kirsten is spoken for between December 17th and January 12. David's vacation schedule is TBA.

2. January 2008 schedules will be available in the next few weeks. You will get an email when the schedule goes live.

3. We're on the map! We were surprised to find that we've been featured on's cool new Beauty Map of San Francisco. And we didn't ask. Thanks! Log onto www.shecky' to get your own map.

4. Save the date: December 14th at Space Gallery, 1141 Polk Street. Urban art and music featuring artists from Juxtapose Magazine, and Apotheca favorites Mark Brown and James Drason.

And finally,

I will be taking some modified maternity leave from now until Spring. I won't be booking any new massage sessions but I will keep doing skincare until my burgeoning baby bump grows to the point that I can't reach past it to massage your beautiful faces anymore. So I hope you will come in for a facial treatment with me when the 2008 schedule goes up. And in the meantime, I leave you in the very warm and capable hands of Eri, Sari and David for your massages.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


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